Research Students

Doctoral Students

  • Jan Hagedorn, ‘Domestic Slavery in the Middle East during the Islamic Middle Period’
  • Philip Riding, ‘The Role of the Household in the Syrian Political Landscape 1150-1260
  • Alasdair Grant, ‘The Perception of Difference: Cross-Confessional Interfaces in the Later Mediaeval Eastern Roman World’

Recently completed PhDs

  • Kenneth Goudie, ‘The Role of Holy War in Islamic and Christian Eschatology’
  • Elisabeth Mincin, ‘Curing the Common Soul: Rethinking Byzantine Heresy Literary Motif of Disease (11th-12th Centuries)’
  • James Carey, ‘The Mechanics of Diplomacy between the East Roman and Sasanian Empires in Late Antiquity (c. 485-630 CE)’