Recent Publications

Andrew Peacock

Büyük Selçuklu İmparatorluğu (2020)
Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations (2019)
Islam, literature and society in Mongol Anatolia (2019)
Islamisation : comparative perspectives from history (2017)
Islamic literature and intellectual life in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Anatolia (2016)
Islam and Christianity in medieval Anatolia (2015)

















Carole Hillenbrand

Syria in Crusader times : conflict and coexistence (2020)










Dimitri Kastritsis

An early Ottoman history : the Oxford Anonymous chronicle (2017)










Tim Greenwood

The universal history of Step’anos Tarōnec’i : introduction, translation, and commentary (2017)











Kirill Dmitriev

Insatiable appetite : food as cultural signifier in the Middle East and beyond (2020)